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🌱 Every single cent of your kind donations will be used to directly reach out to the souls with Nitai Tattva and Harinam Tattva, through print publications in various languages, ebooks, videos, audios, advertisement campaigns, one-to-one sharing and follow-up, satsangs, kirtans, travels, websites, apps, etc. Our Ashrams are self-sustaining, so your donations will not be used for maintaining them.

🌱 We believe in the Bhagavata Marga. So for us helping even one soul by giving Harinam Tattva and Nitai Tattva is millions of times more important than building huge temples or projects, and spending huge amounts of money to maintain them. Your generous help is the only thing which makes this possible, because we don't engage in any commercial activities and distribute Harinam Tattva and Nitai Tattva for free in all ways. We believe in pure bhakti.

🌱 We also follow Srila Prabhupada’s instructions of not saving money from your donations. We use it all in sharing the love and mercy, and depend on our Nitai Gaura and Radha Krishna and all of you kind donors to send more.

🌱 Thus, your kind support to us will guarantee the direct pleasure and causeless mercy of Nitai Gaura and Radha Krishna on you and your family, because every single penny of your hard-earned money will be used to share the topmost benedictions in Kaliyuga: Nitai Tattva and Harinam Tattva. Dandavat pranams. Jai Guruvarga. Hare Krishna!

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